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a pleasure dome

Please excuse our mess – we are still working on the site

Less a band than a North Texas musician collective, in the last few years a pleasure dome has released 3 CD projects including:

Land of the Gadarenes;

I didn’t sin every day;


Alcohol was involved.

4 thoughts on “a pleasure dome”

  1. I love and play music, acoustic, classical and electric guitar. I read and arrange many genres of music, and can sing a bit. I was guitarist/vocals in The Other Side and Fisheye Lens. I played Billy Gibbons parts in ZZ TOP tribute band Tres Hombres

    1. Cool. Let me know about any shows. I’m getting old but still get out. I should be doing a live thing with just one short story and blues in Garland for a showcase thing. Dec 9th.
      I’ll get the address if you want.

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